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Point of Sale - The Best Business Tool You Can Invest In Today

The Best Business Tool You Can Invest In - Point Of Sales Systems (POS)

You’ve probably seen POS systems (point of sale) in chain retailers and restaurants. More and more small to medium sized businesses are investing in POS systems too, and with good reason. POS systems allow business owners to track sales, cash flow, inventory, and customer spend. Additionally, POS systems often have marketing and customer retention tools, like loyalty programs, built right in. POS systems help simplify bookkeeping and payroll by providing detailed reporting.

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Lowering fees with InBalance

International Bancard knows that payment processing fees can be a trying word for merchants, which is why we created the InBalance program.

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Want to lower your credit card processing fees?

Almost every business accepts credit cards and every business owner has complained about credit card processing fees and rates. As a business owner, all you want to do is lower your credit card processing fees. But how do you successfully go about doing that? 

You could spend endless phone calls, emails, statement comparisons, and discussions trying to negotiate a better rate and lower fees, which might be impossible. Even with interchange pricing, business owners still pay approximately 3% for every transaction.  

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