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3 Tips For Retail Businesses Getting Ready To Reopen

Retail stores are opening their doors all over the United States, but it’s happening slowly. International Bancard is hearing from our clients and they’re telling us they feel hopeful and excited to get back to work. They’ve also mentioned they’re inundated with with new safety guidelines, rearranging their brick and mortar locations for limited access, and figuring out how to conduct business in a whole new business environment.

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Are You Ready To Turn The Open Sign On?

Millions of small businesses across North America closed their doors in mid March. Now it looks as if many Main Street stores, salons, restaurants, and service industries will be back in business soon.

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Is Your Business Ready to Accept Online Payments?

International Bancard understands, more than ever, you need as many ways as possible to collect payments from your clients and customers. Our integrated, online bill payment solutions allows businesses to manage their accounts receivable online, generate and distribute email invoices, and receive electronic payments – without the additional costs of maintaining a separate website or purchasing expensive accounting software.

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Taking NFC Payments Is More Important Than Ever

It is important to understand, embrace, and even encourage near-field communication (aka NFC) payments. NFC is a technology allowing cardholders the ability to make payments with their credit card without needing to touch the payment device. Most credit card devices support NFC and have NFC technology enabled by default.  

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Why You Should Think Twice Before You Manually Key a Sale

At International Bancard, we know that you're busy running your business.

But, before you manually key another sale, you need to think twice. When you manually key a sale, you are opening the door to fraud risks. We'll go over those risks and why you should never manually key a sale.

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