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Diversified Members Credit Union Partners with International Bancard

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DETROIT, MAY 7, 2019 – International Bancard, a Detroit-based payment acceptance solutions provider, and Diversified Members Credit Union (DMCU), have partnered to provide DCMU’s members with payment processing solutions to grow their businesses.

Through the partnership, International Bancard will work with DMCU business members on streamlining their payment processing programs with a focus on the cost and security of accepting credit and debit cards.

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John Badovinac Named as International Bancard's Vice President of Integrated Payments


DETROIT, APRIL 25, 2019– International Bancard, an industry-leading payment acceptance solutions provider has named John Badovinac as Vice President of Integrated Payments. In this new position within the company, Badovinac will be responsible for the overall success of the ISV/VAR business channel.

In his role as VP of Integrated Payments, Badovinac will build new strategic partnerships with ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and VARs (Value-Added Resellers) that process payments through International Bancard’s integrated gateway. Additionally, he will be working to partner with ISVs and VARs to simplify and streamline their ability to deploy software-enabled payments solutions.

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Telegration Announces Partnership with International Bancard


DETROIT, APRIL 17, 2019 – International Bancard, a Michigan-based payment acceptance solutions provider, today announced a partnership with Telegration, a telecommunications service provider located in Metro Detroit. This partnership will help Telegration clients and partners streamline their payment acceptance solutions including credit and debit card processing.

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ATHENA International Announces Partnership, Donation Program with International Bancard


DETROIT, APRIL 9, 2019 – International Bancard, a Michigan-based payment acceptance solutions provider, today announced a partnership with ATHENA International, a non-profit organization that seeks to support, develop and honor women. This partnership will help ATHENA International members, leaders, and award recipients understand the importance of accepting credit and debit card payments and assist in growing their businesses through payment acceptance.

When ATHENA International members, leaders, and award recipients begin accepting credit and debit card payments through International Bancard, International Bancard will take a portion of the fees collected and make a donation back to ATHENA International.

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ETA Announces International Bancard as One of the First Companies to Achieve ETA Self-Regulation Certificate

February 14, 2019 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) today announced the first group of payments technology companies who have successfully achieved participation in the ETA Self-Regulation Program (ETA SRP).

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Why You Should Think Twice Before You Manually Key a Sale

At International Bancard, we know that you're busy running your business.

But, before you manually key another sale, you need to think twice. When you manually key a sale, you are opening the door to fraud risks. We'll go over those risks and why you should never manually key a sale.

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Avoid Credit Card Fraud During the Holiday Sales Season

Accepting credit cards is important for any business - but protecting your business to avoid credit card fraud is just as important. With credit card fraud on the rise, it is crucial for you to know and understand how you can prevent fraudulent charges occurring at your business. 

The Nilson Report estimates that in 2016, losses topped $24.71 billion, which is a 12% increase over the previous year, and according to a Barclays report, 47% of the world's credit card fraud happens right here in the United States. 

The holiday season is a busy time for fraud. Christmas Eve is December 24th and is the day where most fraud attempts occur.

Credit card fraud is a big deal. It's damaging to both the consumer and the business. 

As reported by a Kaspersky Lab survey, small businesses spend $38,000 to recover from a security breach, with additional indirect costs averaging around $8,000. Enterprise businesses pay on average $551,000 to recover with additional indirect costs averaging at $69,000.

As credit card fraud becomes increasingly more relevant, there are ways to protect your business against credit card fraud. 

International Bancard put together 6 easy ways that your business can avoid credit card fraud. 

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Breakdown of the Holiday Sales Season

We all know that the holiday season is a busy time for businesses, but do you know the weight of each milestone during the holiday season? 

Let's go over each holiday sales timeline and break down the season! 

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Why Your Business Should Accept Digital Gift Cards During the Holiday Season

It's the holidays - we know you're busy with the additional sales traffic. You're dealing with an influx of sales, busy customers, employees' holiday schedules, and the list goes on and on. 

While you may already have a gift card program, you should spend a few crucial minutes considering a digital gift card program. They are easy to set up and it gives your customers an additional way to purchase gift cards from you. 

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'Tis the Season for Holiday Sales - Is Your Business Ready?

The holidays are getting close, and you know what that means for consumers - time to shop! As a business owner, thinking about the expanded sales is exciting. But are you, and your business, ready for the holiday season? 

Roughly 20-40% of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year. In 2018, the National Retail Federation predicts that holiday retail sales in November and December will increase between 4.3 and 4.8% for a total of  $717.45 billion to $720.89 billion. 

Here are a few simple things your business can do to increase sales during the holiday season. 

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