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International Bancard Teams Up With Fee Navigator

Posted by International Bancard on Jul 16, 2020 11:00:00 AM
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Fee Navigator, the fintech company that launched the first AI-powered instant merchant statement analysis service, is excited to announce a partnership with International Bancard, a nationally recognized payment acceptance industry leader. Over the next few months, the two companies will work together to empower International Bancard’s Integrated Software Vendors and Independent Sales Partners, helping them attract, sign, and retain new merchants.

“One of the most difficult aspects of acquiring new merchants is understanding their real cost basis,” said Ion Craciun, co-founder and 15-year industry veteran. He continued, “by creating an instant merchant statement analysis solution, which we deliver from the perspective of a neutral, trusted, third-party organization, we drastically reduce the cost discussion to mere minutes, freeing the agent to focus on selling the benefits and higher-level value of their own offering. Using our solution, selling below cost is now a thing of the past.”

Co-founder and CEO Adrian Talapan added, “We empower ISOs, banks, consultants, and software companies to accelerate sales and increase merchant retention. We do this with advanced technology, delivered at scale. Expect to see exciting new capabilities being released as we continue to build out our vision for the payments industry.” Fee Navigator’s AI-powered platform can be accessed as a web application, as an email bot, or via API for those organizations that wish to create their own custom experiences. Statement analysis is just one element of the solution; other elements include sales and marketing automation tools such as Leads Funnel Unlimited, automatic statement comparison, team performance management, self-paced training, and a full affiliate system. All are included in simple, self-serve subscription plans.

In the past few weeks, the company softly launched two game-changing capabilities, currently in beta: automatic separation of surcharges from interchange cost (“Padding Extraction”) and automatic interchange optimization (“IC Optimization”). Emphasizing automation, machine learning, and continuous improvement, Fee Navigator is building out an enterprise-scale platform poised to enhance and facilitate commerce on a global scale.

“International Bancard is excited to work with Fee Navigator. The addition of the AI-powered solution aligns perfectly with our technology goals and upgrades. Our philosophy is simple: we continue to improve our company by providing our sales teams with tools and programs which make our sales processes more efficient and easier to manage,” commented Josh Elsass, Chief Sales Officer for International Bancard.

International Bancard builds relationships for life and that’s accomplished, in part, by partnering with experts in technology. Removing barriers to sales success makes International Bancard easy to do business with. International Bancard is committed to enhancing all systems from merchant onboarding, to ISV integrations, to industry-leading payment acceptance programs and services.

About International Bancard

International Bancard, is a Detroit-based technology company providing full end-to-end payment acceptance solutions for Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs), financial institutions, associations, and businesses, across North America. We offer seamless, secure, innovative payment solutions, take pride in understanding the needs and challenges of our clients, and act with a sense of urgency in everything we do.

About Fee Navigator

Fee Navigator is the only self-serve, enterprise-grade AI-powered service that allows acquirers, banks, and technology providers to instantly analyze merchant statements and accelerate

merchant acquisition & retention. Just three months after launching the service, Fee Navigator won the Northeast Acquirers Association's Catapult Competition.

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