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How your coffee shop benefits from a Point of Sale system

Posted by International Bancard on Sep 17, 2020 4:00:00 PM
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While lots of people prefer online shopping for many things, coffee shops still hold a place near and dear to a consumer’s heart. If you’ve been searching for a way to make sure your coffee shop remains an attractive option in today’s busy world, then you’ll be happy to learn that POS systems can do just that!

Not only can POS systems streamline your sales process, but they also provide you with valuable information every step of the way. Here are three top reasons your coffee shop can benefit from a POS system.


To keep your customers coming back, you have to make sure your clients have a great experience every time. POS systems add to your customer’s experience by ensuring a quick and easy check out process. Your customers order their favorite cup of coffee, present a payment method, and choose how they want their receipt delivered. POS systems process contactless payments, EMV chip cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, debit cards, and gift cards. More convenience means happy customers.


POS systems meet the most rigorous security standards. All card transaction data is fully encrypted and meets PCI-DSS security protocols. Each POS system has a built-in security hierarchy too which means you can choose which employees can see reporting, process refunds, or offer discounts.


There is so much valuable information obtained from POS systems. You can run sales reports, identify your best-selling lattes, what time of day is busiest, and better identify your customer’s overall buying habits. You can then use this information to properly stock and staff your coffee shop. The more you know about your customers, spending trends, and hot inventory items the better prepared you’ll be to run your business profitably and efficiently.

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